Hello world!

Every single one of us is different and unique. We have our own experiences, ideas, perceptions and tastes. That is why we can have so many blogs out there with cool things to read about. I’m sharing what whirls around in my crazy, creative brain with you. I hope you enjoy it.

What is the thing that gets you excited? Like, when you were a kid and you saw that one thing that was SO cool you felt your stomach tickle, your throat tighten with a little scream, and your fists clench because you just had to go investigate further? For some, it’s cars. Looking at cars on You Tube. Watching car shows. Going to car shows. Craning your neck when a cool car zooms by. For some, its food. When they are scrolling through Facebook or You Tube and a plate of sizzling goodness flies by, they stop and scroll back quickly to watch the cook prepare it. For me…it’s furniture. Picture frames. Fabrics. Paint colors. Textures. Art. Plants. Mirrors. Knick Knacks. Unique finds….TREASURE! New or old, I love it all.

I get to see the inside of a lot of people’s homes. Tiny homes, medium homes, grand homes. Country homes. Condos. Subdivision homes. I am a Realtor. I love seeing unique art on people’s walls, or a cool way to set up a living room. I love it when I see people using their creativity to make their space special and lovely. I appreciate and understand that not everyone likes the same things, or thinks the same things are beautiful, but I can TELL when something was put together carefully and thoughtfully chosen, and I find that special. I think every home should have that feeling– that your home is special because of what you made it to be. Maybe someone reading this blog wants that for their home but doesn’t know where to start or how to put together a lovely, unique-to-you, decor-ish house. I hope this blog inspires you.

I called the site decor-ish because I, like many humans who share an affinity with decorating a home, am not a schooled decorator. I didn’t get a certificate in interior design or take any classes. I just like what I like. Although, I can explain to people WHY something looks good…WHY it works! I think that is something not everyone can do. I want to share things like that in my blog. I love many decorating styles. Modern. Mid-century modern. Shabby Chic. Traditional. Global. Coastal-inspired. Glam. Boho. Country boho. I love them separate and I also love to mash them all together. Or just some of them.

To end my first blog I am going to share some sites that I absolutely love. You can just look or you can buy all sorts of cool things. Have fun checking them out and I hope you come back and visit me!

Wayfair.com – new furniture/decor for sale. Ships fast. Great customer service. Prices range from cheap to expensive. Many, many different styles to choose from.

Chairish.com– I just discovered this cool vintage furniture/decor site. Drooling. I am literally drooling.

Facebook marketplace- ok you probably already know about this one. But I challenge you to find something super unique and then find an unlikely place for it in your home. Example: (See below screenshot of this metal shelf I just took on FBMP). Turn this upside down, hang it on your wall in your kitchen, and put your collection of coffee mugs in it. Or hang it outside on your fence and put potted herbs on it.

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