Tiny Treasures

Can you spot the tiny treasure in this picture? It’s about 2 inches tall and an inch wide.

It’s a little wooden plaque with a painting of St. Valentine on it. On the back of it is inscribed,

“Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of Love and happy marriage”

I am not Catholic but I saw this little plaque at a gift shop at the CA Mission in Sonoma when I went there with my son a few years back for his 4th grade field trip. I bought it and another with the patron saint of music on it because at that point I had recently fallen in love with the idea of placing tiny treasures throughout my home.

I met my husband in 2012 and we became a serious couple in 2014. It was that year that I went to visit his home where he grew up and meet his parents. My mother-in-law is an amazing woman and she has a creative, rich, cultured eye. When I was in their beautiful home I noticed she had all these little, tiny things throughout her home, in addition to regular sized decor and knick-knacks, of course. Tiny little porcelain frogs sat upon a dresser top. A wee doll sat in a dish among other tiny treasures. It was magical and mysterious. It was fun for me to discover more and more tiny, little, special things she had in her home, and each one, I thought, must have a story.

Whenever I come across a tiny treasure, or am gifted something special that is miniature and has meaning and love behind it, I find a special place for it in my home. Whenever I see that little wooden plaque with St. Valentine on it, I remember going on that field trip with my son. I remember the wonder in his eyes as he looked at the tall ceilings and many windows of the chapel. It’s pretty cool how something so small and seemingly insignificant can hold such a dear memory.

Here are some more tiny (and not so tiny) treasures that are in my home and what they mean to me:

One of the special things about a home is that it is your space. It is also your gallery. It is a place that can bring you much joy, healing, peace and comfort when all the world around you may be chaos. It is a place that knows the real you. Why not be sentimental about it and put just one or two (or ten!) tiny treasures that mean something to you? Whenever you see that tiny treasure it will remind you of something that brings you joy.

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