Insta Inspiration: Holiday style

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for decorating! If you love decorating for Christmas and the holidays as much as I do, then you also probably love checking out other people’s decorations! Have you checked out Instagram? I searched for posts with the hashtags #holidaydecor and #Christmasdecor, and in this edition of Decor-ish, I am going to share with you some of the standouts.


The first thing I hang up when I start to decorate for Christmas is my front door wreath.

There I am in the reflection of the bulb taking a picture!

No I did not make this wreath. I appreciate people who are talented wreath-makers. I found a handful of really gorgeous wreaths on Instagram, and was amazed at the creativity behind them! Pinecones, and berries and red checkered ribbon (now sing what I just wrote to the tune of “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” from “My Favorite Things”…right??!! It works!). @craftsbyjasmin posted that one. The second wreath…O.M.G. Eucalyptus, grapevine, bay leaves …and those cool wood things with the holes in them! If anyone knows what those are called please comment! @flatbedfarmglenellen posted that one. Love it. And why I have I never thought to put succulents in a wreath for Christmas? Hello…brilliant @nicolescreations2020! The last one is so different and had such a sweet simplicty to it, I just had to include it. It uses a metal circle and has holly leaves and dried oranges, with a couple cinnamon sticks in the middle. So simple and yet so lovely! Nice job @onesta_style!


This is my Christmas tree. Every year I think, “This is the most beautiful Christmas tree yet!”. Let’s look at some more! This is so fun!!

So I was today-years-old when I found out that Christmas trees with fake snow on them are called “flocked”; as in “This year I want a flocked Christmas tree”. My mother used to say to me when I was a kid, “Use that word in a sentence”, when I was learning a new word. Instagram was loaded with flocked trees. I was drawn to the ones with white, gold, rose gold, pink and flowers. So pretty!


We are very fortunate at my house to have a fireplace, because then that means we have a mantel to decorate at Christmas! I didn’t go too crazy this year, as you can see in my photo above of my Christmas tree. But check out some of these amazing mantel presentations:

One thing I love about the first and the third set up is how they have the stocking grouped to one side. I like it! (Too bad I drilled holes into the underneath of my fireplace mantel to hang those hooks! Oh well, I can always drill more holes.) Note the three different types of garland used on each mantel above, and the different feel each of them give: simple, sophisticated and earthy. And all three of them have skinny, tall, brass candlesticks with white tapered candles in them. Hmmm am I detecting a Christmas mantel 2020 trend???


So, in order to load your Christmas dining table up with amazing decor, you have to have a buffet or a kitchen counter top nearby with all the food, because there just wouldn’t be room for the Christmas ham on these tables. But I’d rather stare at these table decorations than a ham any day.

I think I am going to do an elaborate Christmas dinner table this year and leave all the food serving dishes on the kitchen counter. The first table setting inspires me to leave little gifts on everyone’s dinner plate. Comment below if you do that and what kind of gifts you give so I can get some ideas…I am not sure I like the napkins hanging off the table but apparently that’s a thing because I saw it in many table setting photos on Instagram. The second table setting is cool because it is so unique. I wonder if that metal rack thing was custom made for that? I haven’t seen anything like that at Hobby Lobby…I’ll have to think about how to recreate that. The third table setting is so do-able, especially if you collect wooden candle sticks…which I DO! Throw on some pine branches and pine cones and a couple ornaments and viola! You have a Joanna-Gaines-worthy table setting. The last table setting is absolutely stunning! The gorgeous floral arrangements in those brass vases, paired with white cotton placemats and rustic, black plates. However, if you actually want to see the person across the table from you and talk to them, this one might not be the most practical. (Some of you just had an a-ha moment)


These just had to be included in this blog because they stood out to me from hundreds of other Instagram posts:


I love me some paper stars. I have some with lights in them on 24/7, 365 days a year in my living room. I love how @thekwendyhome used them as Christmas decor along with garland in her kitchen window! So cute right!?


I think it should be a rule that if you have a chandelier you must hang garland from it. I looked over at my naked chandeliers and gasped. I will change that asap.

Finally, I leave you with this. Not sure what to think of it but it sure stood out! I hope you found some Insta Inspiration today in this blog. Happy holiday decorating!


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