About the Author

Like you, I wear many hats.

I am a mother of four- two biological and two bonus kids. I am married to a really cool guy- he loves to cook, he’s very handy, and he makes me laugh. I play piano and collect instruments from around the world. I used to teach music at the high school level but now I am a Realtor…and I love my job. I went to Chico State and loved Chico so much I stayed! My family and I just moved into a mini farm- we have 9 chickens, a cat, 4 goldfish and a vegetable garden. Pygmy goats are next. I also love being creative- making things, decorating, designing. I used to be a mosaic fiend but don’t have the time for that right now. But when the kids grow up I plan to pick it back up again. And now, I can add “blogger” to my list of hats that I wear.

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