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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

-Maya Angelou

Insta Inspiration: Holiday style

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for decorating! If you love decorating for Christmas and the holidays as much as I do, then you also probably love checking out other people’s decorations! Have you checked out Instagram? I searched for posts with the hashtags #holidaydecor and #Christmasdecor, and in this edition of Decor-ish, IContinue reading “Insta Inspiration: Holiday style”

Why It Works

Most of us “decorate” over a period of, oh, say, forever. It’s not like we start with a completely empty house and then, BAM! In one fell swoop we fill it with stuff. Our home is filled with a mixed bag of how we acquired things: that bookshelf that we got in college; the tableContinue reading “Why It Works”

How to pick paint colors

I believe each house and its inhabitants, and the vibe they create together, need to be heavily considered when choosing what color(s) to paint the inside of the home. I also believe that when choosing what color to paint the outside of the home, the style of the building, the neighborhood and its natural surroundingsContinue reading “How to pick paint colors”

Tiny Treasures

Can you spot the tiny treasure in this picture? It’s about 2 inches tall and an inch wide. It’s a little wooden plaque with a painting of St. Valentine on it. On the back of it is inscribed, “Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of Love and happy marriage” I am not Catholic but I saw thisContinue reading “Tiny Treasures”

Magazine Clippings

I love looking at decorating blogs and websites. But there is just something about being able to tear a page out of a magazine and glue it into a book to look at. It’s tangible. It’s memorable. I have a “scrapbook” of magazine scraps I have collected from my collection of interior design and homeContinue reading “Magazine Clippings”


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